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Alder panels / siding

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All siding has 9-12 % humidity and it packed in shrink film.

Alder siding 15 mm Length, m Width, mm
1st Sort siding 1,6-3,0 80
1st Sort siding 0,9-1,5 80
2nd Sort siding 1,6-3,0 80
2nd Sort siding 0,9-1,5 80

Alder siding

  • length 35 сm
  • length 50 сm
  • tongue and groove connection

Pine siding

Pine siding 15 mm Length, m Width, mm
1st Sort 3,0-4,5 140
2nd Sort 3,0-4,5 140

Timber imitation. Pine

Sort Thickness, cm Length, m Pine
Width, mm
1 І 15 мм 3,0-4,5 140
2 ІI 15 мм 3,0-4,5 140
3 І 15 мм 3,0-4,5 100

Wall panels is ideal solution for interior design. It is eco safety and it is easy to cover walls with it. Using wall panels in sauna and steam bath it is better to use hardwood such as linden, alder, aspen, and maple. In humid conditions they do not change their structure and keep for a long time.

Wall panels made by “EVRO STANDART LTD” factory has good quality in according to European standards, so it made possible to export our product to European countries.

Technological features of our manufacturing consist of:

  1. . We make quality control of manufacturing at all stages, starting with the purchase of high-quality wood and finishing the warehousing.
  2. Each log is taken by our representatives and passes environmental, radiological and quarantine control and has all the necessary papers and certificates.
  3. Equipped with modern production equipment, which allows high-quality logs cut and dried to the desired moisture content.
  4. All products have the correct geometry to 0.01 mm.
  5. All siding and floor covering on the back side has grooves in which excellent ventilation is provided, so the panel will not dry out or excessive moisture gain.
  6. When the producing is finished, it is carefully selected by grade, packed and stored in dry heated warehouses.

Considering the above we offer the high quality product which can compete with European goods. We are confident that the most demanding customer will be satisfied.

We also can produce siding from solid varieties of trees like oak or ash tree for special order. For order we also can make siding with special measurements with width more than 140 mm. The minimum order is from 100 m2.

ВАГОНКА из ольхи иммитация бруса вагонка деревянная

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