Furniture panels

Furniture panels

Furniture panels sorting:

Class A (AB Label). - Allowed: colored bishops; alive single knots till 5 mm, not more than one per square meter;

Excluded: sapwood; defects; bad grinding;  cracks; roe.

Our factory produces finger jointed and edge glued furniture panels using modern Italian and German equipment.

The main wood material is oak.

We produce following assortement.

Denomination, mm Label
15, 16*1220*2700
oak FJ, EG panel
18, 20*1220*2700
oak FJ, EG panel
20*1220*2000 - 2700
oak EG panel
, BC, CC

Class B (BB Label) - Allowed: alive single knots till 10 mm, not more than one per square meter; sapwood above 20% of square;
Excluded: cracks; bad grinding; mechanic defects;

Class C (BC Label) - Allowed: - alive knots till 30 mm; sapwood without limitation; bad grinding; roe;
Excluded: cracks; mechanic defects.


Stair  40*300*900-1200

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